Biscuits, Cookies & Softcakes

   Crown Organic Cracker 110g-Foil Wrapped portion controlCrown Organic Sandwich Biscuits - Foiled wrapped portion control      Julius                      Crown Sandwish Cream Biscuit 163g-Strawberry, Chocolate,Vanilla      Crown Jolly PongSamyang Corn Flakes 45g  Haitai Ivy No Sugar Crackers 58gLotte Fun-Cap Chocolate Filled Biscuit 95gLotte Pepro (Almond and Chocolate) 36gLotte Pepro (Filled With Chocolate) 50gOrion Cacao in Chocolate Stick 31gOrion Diget Chocolate Biscuit 172gNongShim Hot Barbecue Chicken Snack 55gCJ Pre-Mixed microwave Cup Cake 60g-Sweet PotatoCJ Pre-Mixed Microwave Cup Cake 60g-BananaCJ Pre-Mixed Microwave Cup Cake 55g-ChocolateHaitai French Pie Strawberry 214gHaitai French Pie Apple 214gCrown Butter Waffles 52gFriend Red Ginseng Cookie 150g